High Speed BOPP Over Wrap Machine

A High-Speed BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene) Overwrap Machine is a packaging machine used in various industries to wrap products with BOPP film. BOPP overwrapping provides a protective layer and enhances the appearance of the packaged items.

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Here are some key features and functions of a high-speed BOPP overwrap machine:

  1. Speed and Efficiency: High-speed BOPP overwrap machines are designed to wrap products quickly and efficiently, ensuring high production output. They can handle a large number of items per minute, making them suitable for industries with high-volume production needs.
  2. BOPP Film Feeding: These machines are equipped with automatic film feeding systems that pull the BOPP film from a roll and feed it smoothly onto the product. The film is typically guided through various rollers and tension control systems to ensure proper alignment and tight wrapping.
  3. Product Alignment and Positioning: Advanced BOPP overwrap machines may include features like product alignment and positioning mechanisms. These systems ensure that the products are accurately positioned before the wrapping process begins, resulting in neatly wrapped packages.
  4. Heat Sealing: BOPP overwrap machines use heat sealing technology to seal the film edges and create a secure wrap around the product. Heat is applied to the film using heated bars or wheels, which melt the film’s outer layers, creating a tight seal when cooled.